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Travel and Recreational Activities

International Travel

Most international non-essential travel is banned for the time being and the CDC recommends cancelling any international trips for the time being. Many popular tourist destinations are closed off due to travel bans, including Europe, Mexico, Canada, China, among many others. Try to avoid all international travel unless it is essential.

Interstate Travel

Different states have different policies on travel. Before any trip, check your destination’s state and local health departments to best understand any restrictions that have been put in place. States’ restrictions vary greatly as some states have next to none while others have closed their borders. Also, ensure that your mode of travel is safe, as taking a plane or a train is much more dangerous than going by car.


Within Washington

Travel within Washington State depends on the individual phase of each county. If the county you want to visit is phase 2 or above, then you can travel there. Click the map to find the phase of the county you wish to travel to. 


Recreational Activities

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Camping – limit groups to 5 people, maintain social distancing guidelines, avoid crowds.

  • Going to the beach – check if your local beach is open, 5 people per group, avoid crowds.

  • Gondolas and lift chairs – only members of the same household can ride in the same gondola.

  • Zoos – limit large groups, zoos must operate at 25% capacity, all in-zoo restaurants must conform to standard restaurant procedure for phase 2.

  • Group sports – up to 10 people, must follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Professional Sports games – no spectating games in stadium, games can only be televised.

  • Gyms – 25% capacity, still must follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Pools – 25% capacity, still must follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Indoor tennis facilities – 25% capacity, still must follow social distancing guidelines

  • Museums – 50% capacity, still must follow social distancing guidelines. 

  • Hunting – different hunting season schedule.

  • Fishing – masks required, guided fishing trips can only have 2 clients. For when it switches to phase 2: Charter boats can have up to 12 clients while maintaining social distancing guidelines, overnight boats allowed.

  • Hiking – wear masks, practice social distancing and go in small groups.

  • Boating – only people from your household, maintain social distancing guidelines when refueling.

  • Golfing – only in groups of 2 if from different households, up to 4 from the same, no rentals, maintain social distancing guidelines.

  • Tennis – singles if players are from different households, doubles if from the same.

Phase 4

All recreational activities available

**Note that modified phase 1 allows small 5-person fitness groups, only with low risk clients. 


Tourist Destinations

Open Locations

Closed Locations

  • Seattle Aquarium- Open, limited capacity, special pathing

  • Pioneer square – varies based off store

  • Point defiance zoo and aquarium- reopened limited capacity

  •  Pike place market – limited shop and restaurant capacity

  • Space Needle - reopening limited capacity

  • Museum of Flight

  • Seattle art museum

  • Frye Art Museum- Recently re-opened for members only

  • Ballard Locks -- Visitor services closed, but the Locks are open

  • Museum of History and Industry- Online activities/tours

  • J.F.K Center for Performing Arts- Online activities

  • Pacific Science Center

  • Seattle Pinball Museum

**Availability may vary. Please check the location's website to confirm availability.

Page Last Updated: 11/15/2020


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