NOTE: All of the COVID-19 self-assessment tools below are very similar in function. There are three different tools provided, however, for the sake of reducing error in judgement by the tests. In addition, by using this page and any of the tools, you agree to all the terms that surround it in the WA-COVID terms of service and disclaimers.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tools

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This google tool can help you decide what kind of medical care you might need for COVID‑19 based on your symptoms.

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Mayo Clinic

This tool will help you assess if you should test for COVID-19. It also offers guidance on when to seek medical care and what to do in the meantime.

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This tool will help you make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care for COVID-19 based on your symptoms and their severity.

COVID-19 Risk Chart

What it shows:

This tool shows the risks of everyday activities on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the riskiest and 1 being the least. In addition, it is also categorized in five different categories from low risk to high risk.

Who made this chart?

This tool originates from the Texas Medical Association. All the data on the chart to the left was determined from a combination of advice from physicians from the TMA COVID-19 task force and the TMA committee on infectious diseases.

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