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Washington's Phased Approach

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Please follow the guidelines given below for each phase!

If you do not see guidelines regarding a certain activity, click here for more info

Please note that you can't go from a county on a lower phase number to a county on a higher phase number to gain access to certain activities.


 E.g. If I live in a phase 1 county, I shouldn't go to a phase 3 county to watch a movie in theaters. 



  • Some outdoor recreational activities allowed, such as fishing or hiking, limited to one's family only.

  • No gatherings whatsoever.

  • Limited non-essential travel allowed.

  • Retail is open, however, only curbside pickup is allowed.

  • Weddings/Funeral ceremonies permitted, receptions not allowed. Max occupancy for either event is 20% capacity or 30 people whichever comes first. Social distancing required between households.

  • Outdoor spiritual Gatherings 6 feet distancing, masks, 100 people max.


  • Drive-in spiritual services allowed.

  • Essential travel allowed

  • All essential businesses are open.

  • Any construction projects that have already begun and meet the criteria.

  • Landscaping, vehicle sales, car washes and retail are all open.

Important to note:

 Permitted outdoor activities can only be done with your own family!

No gatherings are allowed!

Essential travel is allowed




  • Outdoor recreational activities with 5 or fewer people outside of your household, such as camping, going to the beach, playing volleyball/tennis, league bowling. 

  • Gatherings Indoor gatherings prohibited for those not in your household. 

  • Non-essential travel restricted

  • In-store retail is available, however, stores can only be at 25% capacity and social distancing is required.

  • Professional services and office-based businesses employees must be allowed to work from home, if in person work is necessary, 25% capacity. 

  • Restaurants indoor seating prohibited, outdoor seating 5 per table.

  • Indoor spiritual/religious services 25% capacity or 200 individuals (whichever comes first) max, no choirs allowed. 

  • Indoor Fitness Facilities completely prohibited. 


  • Essential travel allowed

  • All manufacturing is allowed, not only essential.

  • Limited non-essential travel OK for activities that are allowed in county. 

Important to note:


People allowed for gathering or other permitted outdoor activities

Stores can open at 25% capacity with required social distancing

Restaurants no indoor seating, 5 people parties in outdoor seating. 




  • Professional sports are allowed, however, there cannot be audience participation.

  • Pools/Gyms closed, outdoor classes 5 people only with masks. 

  • Gatherings up to 5 people allowed for outdoor. Indoor, ONLY your household, everyone else prohibited. 

  • Restaurants/Bars no Indoor service, outdoor dining limited to 5 per party

  • Movie theaters closed. Drive-in OK. 

  • Theatres closed. 

  • Libraries, museums closed.

  • Spiritual or religious services, 25% capacity or 200 people (whichever comes first), no choirs, social distancing and other guidelines required. Facemasks required. 

  • Real Estate no open houses. 

  • Wedding/Funerals receptions prohibited, ceremonies of 30 people with adequate safety measures. 


  • Youth and Adult Sports outdoor only, masks required. 

Important to note:

Gyms and pools closed

All travel is now allowed: essential and non-essential. Avoid unnecessary travel. 

Restaurants indoor service prohibited, outdoor limited to 5 people per party. 




  • For previous phases, high risk populations were supposed to isolate themselves to keep everyone safe. For Phase 4, high risk populations may resume public interactions as long as they maintain social distancing


  • All recreational activities.

  • No limit on gathering size.

  • All non-essential travel allowed.

  • Nightclubs, sporting venues and concerts are all open.

  • No limit to staffing or customers in all businesses.


Page Last Updated: 11/15/2020

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