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With Halloween coming up it's worth considering safety standards and a healthy way to participate in the activity without putting yourself or others in danger. Aside from basic tasks such as wearing masks and social distancing, you should also be avoiding knocking door to door and consider other activities. Visit orchards or pumpkin patches instead of going door to door, incorporate a mask into your costume. Try to stay safe.

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The WA government has submitted their interim plan for vaccine distribution to the CDC for review. It considers community action and outreach, provider and public health options and how to help disproportionally impacted communities in getting the vaccine.

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The Department of Health has posted their Interim Vaccine Distribution plan. To increase accessibility of their vaccine, the Department of Health wants Community Feedback on their distribution network. If you're a part of the following groups, then you should visit the source page to give your input. "Key community groups include, but are not limited to, African American/Black communities, the Latinx community, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander communities, immigrant & refugee communities, older adults, people experiencing homelessness, farmworkers, people with underlying health conditions, and individuals with disabilities."

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Washington is likely to recieve the new Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine late next week.

If approved by the FDA, this could be a big step forward for Washington. While this vaccine is only 66% effective (compared to Moderna and Pfizer's 95%), the J&J vaccine only requires 1 shot for immunization (while Moderna and Pfizer require 2 per week).

State will likely recieve 60,900 J&J doses, and a total of 280,000 other doses by the end of next week.

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A new COVID variant has been detected in WA. The B.1.351 variant was first detected in Africa but has since been found in 10 US states-- the latest case in Washington.

Unlike the earlier B.1.1.7 variant, this variant is unlikely to spread quickly or easily, but is suspected to be more resiliant to vaccines than previous strains.

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Washington State University is encouraging all Washingtonians to use the State's new Phase Finder Tool.

Upon answering health-related questions, if you are deemed eligible, the app will direct you to an available vaccine.

If you are not eligible at the moment, if you provide your contact info, you'll be updated by the State as to when you become available.

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A new COVID-19 strain was discovered in Japan. This strain "has the E484K mutation on the spike protein of the virus that has been found in other variants, which may undermine the effectiveness of vaccines."